Actively dealing with trade issues to maintain steel export market

By the end of August, foreign countries launched eight new trade remedy investigations against Chinese steel products this year.There were 7 anti-dumping investigations and 1 safeguard investigation.The countries surveyed included the European Union, India, Australia, Malaysia, Egypt, Ukraine and Mexico.

In the first half of the year, China exported 339,900 tons of products under tariff code 7206-7306 to the us, with an export amount of us $506 million.The 303 tariff codes currently listed in the United States do not cover all products under 7206-7306.


In the context of trade, stabilizing markets in other countries and regions is of great significance to China's steel exports.Since the beginning of this year, the number of trade remedy investigations launched by other countries and regions against Chinese steel products has dropped significantly compared with the same period last year. Trade tensions between China and asean, South America and other export markets have eased.At the same time, China iron and steel association has obtained good results in a number of trade remedy cases: in the investigation of steel safeguard measures of the European Union, the main export products were granted national quotas;Turkish steel safeguard measures investigation and costa rican rebar safeguard measures investigation did not damage the case closed;The eec panel safeguard investigation excluded all products from China and has agreed to enter into price undertaking negotiations with China in the galvanized panel anti-dumping investigation.In the first half of the year, China exported 2.85 million tons of steel to these countries or regions.The favorable results obtained through case response have played an important role in protecting China's export

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