Beijing municipal party secretary to the new shougang area investigation Vigorously promote shougang high quality development

According to Beijing daily news on September 18, yesterday afternoon, Beijing party secretary CAI qi went to the new shougang area to investigate and study, congratulate shougang hundred years.CAI qi pointed out that shougang should strive to promote high-quality development, focus on the main steel industry to do better and stronger, implement the "manufacturing + service" strategy, promote technological innovation and industrial transformation, to high-end products to benefit, improve the total factor productivity.Seize the development opportunity of the capital and do a good job in urban comprehensive service providers.Adhere to the combination of industry and finance, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen.We will continue to deepen reform, implement the "double hundred action plan" for the reform of state-owned enterprises, improve the group management and control system and the market-based mechanism for selecting and employing employees, and raise the level of market-based and modern operations.



CAI qi stressed that the three-year action plan should be implemented around cultural, industrial, ecological and dynamic revival, and efforts should be made to build a new landmark for the revival of the capital city in the new era.We will improve the regional planning system, carry out the planned plans well, promote the construction of projects, make overall plans for regional ecological reconstruction and cultural excavation, and create a city with mountains and rivers connected, industrial relics and elements of the winter Olympics co-existing.We will continue to reduce development, protect and utilize industrial remains, take detailed measures to protect zoning, control building heights, and make innovations in urban renewal policies and construction management

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