As a strong team in the prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil field, ROGOSTEEL is willing to work with you to create a better world

On August 15th, the customer came to our factory in the Boxing area of ​​Shandong Province for a field trip and took a train from Beijing to Shandong. Our company sent people to the train station to pick up customers early. After the customer got off the bus, the factory colleagues arranged for the customers to eat nearby and remove the hard work of the customers.
Around 2 pm, colleagues at Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil visited the factory's production line, three production lines and a paint shop, from the production line to the technical hardware, from the workshop environment to the masters of our workshops. It is the most beautiful landscape of our factory. All show our strength and the level of our team. The customer gave a great recognition to the factory.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, lead the customer to rest in the standard hotel of the factory to discuss cooperation matters. Identify a range of collaborative processes. Dinner at the factory to entertain the VIP restaurant, we are accompanied by Liu Aimin, the manager of Shandong Juxinyuan Group. Everyone does not have too many shelves, talk about products and production lines, talk about life in the past, and talk about home.
In the evening, the customer rested at the hotel, and the next morning, the customer was sent to the railway station in Boxing, Shandong. The customer expressed satisfaction and gratitude for this trip to the factory. I hope to have further discussions and cooperation. Whether it is a domestic customer or a foreign customer. As long as there are customers visiting, our company will receive customers with the greatest sincerity, give customers a satisfactory service and a wonderful factory tour. Customers will also leave us a deep impression and a good


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